A step-by-step guide to practical security.

Now more than ever, words like hacking, security, and privacy, are part of mainstream discussion, but many of us approach the topic with apathy, fear, or confusion.

The truth is, decent security doesn’t require a degree or years of experience — with a little practical know-how, everyone can get closer to becoming Practically Unhackable.

Get started: Take the quiz to find your security weak spots, then play a lesson module to improve your score.

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What's your security IQ?

/ ransomware

Help! My computer is being held hostage!

You may have heard about “ransomware” on the news, but what is it? In simple terms, it’s like your computer is taken hostage until you pay a ransom. Click here to fight back!

/ mfa

Add a protective layer to your passwords.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts — kind of like the way a moat adds to the defense of a castle. In the age of password leaks, it's a powerful accessory for your online accounts.

/ malware

Watch out for these dangerous programs.

If you use a computer, you probably know they can get viruses. Viruses, and other programs like them, are called malware. But how does it get on your computer, exactly? Learn you must, for your computer’s sake.

/ safe-browsing

How to Internet Safely.

Just like being street-smart, a few safe browsing tips could make you click smart, and save you from a world of headache down the line.

/ phishing

How to Spot Scam Emails

Ever get an email that totally looked legit but totally wasn't? It's called phishing and it's an art form that can deceive many. Learn how to fight back!

/ privacy

Are you Sharing TMI?

Did you know what you share on social media can affect your digital and physical security? It’s true. Before you post any these three things online, first stop, think, and ask, Is this TMI?